Remember Brandon Rock, the narrator of My Love Affair With The Help (Read HERE), well, he’s  back with another real life encounter, and this one is just as steamy as the first. Read and . . . well, get turned on. lol


img-thing (1)I schooled in Enugu and lived part of my life there as well. I was always referred to as nwa mummy or ajebo because of my gentle nature which at times became effeminate when I was in my element. My nature was the reason my father insisted I attend a hard-line all-male educational institute that would toughen me up and make me shed my softness, since my mother had outrightly refused to let him sending my brother and I to a military school.

Eventually my father had his way and I was carted away from the comfort of my home and private school to the East to school. It was a nightmare, having to cope in the Igbo-speaking, rough, all-boys school I was enrolled in. but I managed and passed from class to class, and made a few friends along the way.

And then I was in my senior class. Back in those days, in Enugu, there existed a hot spot, a swimming pool in a place called the Sports Club. It was always filled up on weekends and was the hottest spot in town.

On this fateful day, I visited the pool with my gay friends and they were all partnered up, except me. The pool was unusually uncrowded for a weekend, so there was less fun to have. As we ate suya and chattered, we all noticed the sudden presence of a tall, dark-skinned, well-built and bald-headed guy. His white shirt was a perfect contrast to his dark skin, and the blue denim trouser was a good match. He had a long goatee and the swag in his walk gave him oodles of personality. He was a sexy man, and we all admitted it as we stared.

When this guy went into the changing room and came out moments later, I was very pleased with his physique. It was evident that he worked out hard because he had well defined muscles. But his nylon baggy shorts gave no clue as to what he was packing. At this time, I was flirting harmlessly with one of my friends’ partner, and we all were having a good laugh.

Why don’t you find yourself a man, my friend’s partner suddenly asked.

It’s not easy, I replied.

No be man wey full here, another friend said, gesturing at the pool, inside which were only males.

Look at that fine guy that walked in, my friend’s partner teased. Why don’t you go for him and leave us alone?

Immediately, my blood boiled. Is that a dare, I said.

Yes, I double dare you, he challenged with a smile.

And I got up from my seat, rising to the challenge.

I walked to the pool’s edge and took a dive. There was some water splashing session going on between two teams and Mister Tall-Dark-And-Handsome was part of the game. I joined his team of splashers, and instead of me splashing our opponents, I furiously splashed him. There was much laughter at this, and much water everywhere. Soon, however, the session was over.

This guy, you be saboteur o, he teased as he swam up to me.

No mind me jaré, I chuckled while stretching out my hand. I introduced myself.

He took my hand in a firm shake and introduced himself as Osas. See as your hand soft, he teased again, laughing.

Soon, we were chatting away like old friends, and I got to know he visited Enugu occasionally to supervise his father’s company; this was one of such visits. He was from Benin and lived in Lagos. He was a very intelligent man and spoke very eloquently. We talked about the economy, sports, states in Nigeria that rocked, music. And finally, he said in a deliberate Benin accent, Omoh, wey babes nah! I hear say babes dey come here well-well.

At once, my demeanour changed. He kept on going on and on about how he was expecting to meet girls, blah, blah, blah. I reluctantly told him I was also quite surprised at the all male presence at the pool. There was no single female around, well, except for a very fat woman who came with her kids and was teaching them how to swim under the supervision of an equally fat man who no doubt was her husband.

Clearly, Osas wasn’t happy. He kept going on about women, and when he noticed I held no interest for the topic, he jokingly said, You sef, this one you keep quiet like say you no like woman. Abi you be born again or fag? Which one you be? As he spoke, he splashed some water in my face (I guess he did that so I could understand he was joking).

Born again ke! I resemble pastor? I asked.

But why your body just change when you hear woman? Abi you no get geh friend? he asked.

Yes I no get. Abi you wan dash me your sister? I fired back.

Wetin dey dia? I for dash you my sister nah! But as she don marry wetin you want make I do?

You and this your woman talk, e be like you be ashawo, I said.

Laughing, he replied, No ooo! I hardly get time because of work, but whenever I get the chance, I dey catch my fun o! But I love pussy, mehn.

I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. I was clearly irritated.

He saw that, and he said, This guy, wetin you be sef? You be reverend father? Why you dey do like this? I dey suspect you o! E be like you be fag.

Yes, I be fag. And so? Na new tin? Oh boy, free me abeg, I spat out boldly.

Chei! He hollered and started laughing again. He must have thought I was kidding.

I didn’t join him in his amusement; instead I stared blankly at him.

Mehn, bobo, for real. You’re kidding, right? he asked as his laughter died down.

An arch of my brow was all the response I gave him. And he became stared at me, clearly speechless. We had been chatting like buddies for some time, and had built a rapport, felt very comfortable with each other. So the bold step I took with admitting my sexuality to him was something I suspected he wouldn’t take extreme. I figured that the worst thing that could happen would be him telling me he didn’t associate with my kind, and that would be it. Besides he came alone, didn’t live in Enugu and two of the guys that were partnered with my friends were military officers, so I knew I was insulated from any harm.

Why should a fine guy like you do such? He asked then. Are you afraid of women? Any woman would die to have you. Do you know God is against this?

So God isn’t against you coming to the pool to look for pussies, I immediately cut in.

He was silent again for some seconds, and then he said, But won’t you marry and have kids?

Must I be a husband to be a father, I quickly answered.

Once again he was quiet.

Osas, I have been this way all my life, I said quietly to him. Since childhood, it’s not a choice. I love men. I love dicks, bro. I have had my fare share of pussy and I still prefer cocks. Not my fault.

He was dumbstruck by my boldness. Kai, I don’t believe this, he finally muttered. Do your parents know? How do you enjoy sex with another man? What’s the sweetness in fucking an ass hole? How man go dey humble me? This last part he appeared to say to himself as he shook his head vigorously, as if shaking off some forbidden thoughts.

Maybe some of us like to be humbled, I said.

How? Please explain, he said, apparently curious.

Then my long lecture on tops and versatiles and bottoms and the ABC of gay sex started. He paid attention, with a slight frown.

So which one do you do? He finally asked.

I’m versatile, I replied, but I’m more skilled in receiving.

As in, you enjoy getting fucked more? He asked.

Yes, I said.

Please stop this, I’m begging you. You are my brother, mehn. It’s a sin.

Says who? I bridled. I started quoting scriptures that also condemned mixing fabrics, eating from a tree, shaving and collecting interests from loans. I talked about how man would do anything to destroy one another, even if it meant selecting a verse from any holy book to justify his wickedness. Even Jesus Christ was killed on grounds of going against the scriptures.

He was surprised at my depth of knowledge on religion, but he said insistently, You need to stop this, bro. I’m sure you haven’t seen a dick that will make you regret this act.

At this, I laughed. And then, I scoffed at him, talking about how I was a skilled power bottom and how impossible it was that any dick would make me regret being gay. In my opinion, no such dick existed.

He looked at me for a while and said I should be thought a lesson, one which would remove the madness from my head. After a while, he said he needed to go back to his hotel room, and I asked if I could come along. Come along then if you have the guts you say you have, he said.

I suddenly felt a rush of excitement. It seemed this was going to be another sexual experience, one I was sure I was going to enjoy thoroughly. I went to say my goodbyes to my friends, who were stunned when I proudly informed them that I was leaving with Mister Tall-Dark-And-Handsome. Some minutes later, Osas walked out of the changing room, dressed up. He came to the table where I was with my friends, and there were handshakes and greetings. I said goodbye to my friends and left with Osas, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

We took a ride to the Guest Inn, where he was staying. We got into his room and he ordered some drinks for us. Occasionally he would look at me, chuckle coldly and shake his head. He excused himself and went into the bathroom. At that point, I tried to be very observant of the surroundings, in case he was into some money ritual business. However, when I saw the files and some documents on the bed and table which had his father’s company name on them, I was more relaxed. I went to the bathroom door and listened, trying to hear what was going on on the other side of the door. I heard the hissing sounds of inhalation; I could also perceive it. He was taking Indian hemp. I shook my head and chuckled softly as I walked back to the bed. Taking off my shoes and shirt, I laid down on the bed and waited.

A few minutes later, Osas walked out into the room. He looked stoned. His eyes were reddened and he looked calm and calculating. He sat down on a chair. He had changed his shorts and was topless like me. He was gorgeous. I sidled over to where he sat and stepped in between his thighs. They were large and solid. His eyes were closed and he had his face partially covered with his right hand.

Are you okay? I asked. What are you thinking about?

I’m fine, mehn, he answered. And he opened his red eyes, smiled briefly. He had on a weird expression. The smile quickly vanished; he mumbled something to himself and shut his eyes, putting his hand over his face again.

I started kissing his solid body and sucking on his nipples. He sat still. When my hands started moving towards his groin, he quickly held them and opened his eyes.

I saw a different person. A dangerous-looking person. And for the first time, I was afraid. At first, I was expecting a hard slap or something. And if this guy should attempt beating me, he would kill me.

You said you won’t stop homosexuality, right? He asked.

My heart was beating fast, and I couldn’t say anything in response.

Okay, he answered his question. Since you insisted on following me, you must agree to take whatever it is I have. Deal? His voice was cold.

Haven’t we talked about this? I said, smiling shakingly, hoping to ease the tense atmosphere.

Deal? he repeated.

Okay fine. Deal, I answered.

He released my hands from his grip, and then I continued the body worship. When my hand got to his dick, I froze. My palms felt something very wide. It wasn’t turgid yet. But the width made my heart sink and got my blood pressure racing. Osas parted his legs to give my hands more room to roam over his crotch.

Massive is an understatement. His dick was frightening. He opened his eyes and had on a very evil smile. You no dey fear, abi? He said silkily. My friend, suck my dick.

I felt so cold. I instinctively knew I had to obey because he was under influence and could be capable of extreme violence if I refused. Stuffing his dick into my mouth was a problem. And sucking it was a struggle. The more I sucked him, the more his dick seemed to increase in length and girth.

Oh boy, suck that prick! Suck am well, he commanded.

I really wanted to escape, to be away from my current predicament. Maybe if I could make him cum with a blow job, perhaps I could save my poor ass from demolition. Bracing myself and taking a deep breath, I applied every blow job skill I knew, hoping I would get this nigga shooting some cum. I only succeeded in making him stand halfway from the seat so he could fuck my mouth. I choked as he called me names under his breath. Then he said, You go know how far today. He straightened and walked to the TV. Holy shit! He was a god. And his dick was like a deity from a shrine. He found Channel O and increased the volume.

Then he returned to me. Reaching for my trouser, he yanked them off me. Pull it off quick, he barked as he stood, wanking his dick as though to keep the erection.

I was thinking fast. I was battling to keep my sanity. Please cream…do you have cream, I said pleadingly. The last thing I wanted was a tear and I was sure it was possible he may attempt to penetrate me without lubrication.

He got a Pears baby oil, poured some on his hands and tossed the bottle to me. As I smeared a generous amount on my hands and lubricated my ass, I watched him rub the oil on his cock and stomach, making it shine and glister on the bulb light. Immediately he held my foot and dragged me to the edge of the bed.

Oya, open am, he barked. I said open it!

I raised my legs high, and as I watched him bend with his dick in his hand, I began pleading with him, Please take it easy…Osas please…

As I felt his dick on my anal entrance, I heard him hiss, Your fada! And he went in.

White light flashed in my head as his dick squeezed itself into my ass. I let out a silent scream as my eyes widened. I could feel Osas in my stomach literally. He was too strong to push away. He held my ankles and pressed them to the bed. Each foot close to my ear. He fucked me like a mad bull and kept muttering, I will show you today. I dug my nails into his chest and started hitting him. We got into a small struggle and then he gripped my neck tight. Don’t fuck with me, he hissed. With strange agility, he turned me like a rag doll on my stomach. His strong hairy legs pinned down mine and one of his large hands held both of mine which was now at my back. Suddenly, there was a hot flash in my head. He had entered my ass again. It felt like he just penetrated me for the first time. His other free hand grabbed my shoulder to regulate my body to meet his thrusting.

I will fuck you like a bitch! He panted. Come on, open your nyash!

Tears streamed from my eyes. It felt like forever. I’m sorry, please stop, I whimpered in agony. I struggled under him and it seemed like the more I did, the more my anal muscles squeezed on his dick, giving him more pleasure. He threw his weight on me, lay on my back. He was very heavy. I felt his hands part my ass cheeks as he kept slamming deep into me.

You want dick ba? You want dick, abi? He kept panting into my ear.

Noooo, noooo please noooo, I cried.

You never start to cry, he crowed. And he increased his tempo.

I decided to relax and pretend to enjoy it, because it seemed the more I struggled and begged, the more he derived his pleasure. Fuck me daddy! I began to moan. Oh fuck me! Give me that dick.

I’m just starting, he responded. I will give you.

He rolled to his back while still having me in his grip. This time, he held my hands from under my armpit to my neck. My penis was high in the air and I was facing the ceiling. His monster dick was still very much buried deep inside me and pumping ferociously. I looked at the time; I couldn’t believe it. It was an hour and forty five minutes already gone in agonizing pain.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and we both froze. He released his grip and I fled into the toilet. I could hear voices through the door. It seemed someone knocked on the wrong door, because I heard apologies. I had to sit on the toilet seat because my legs were shaking. My ass hole gaped and it was a miracle I wasn’t bleeding. I started sobbing.

There was a soft knock on the door and Osas called my name. I didn’t answer. He called again and said I should please open the door. I did and went back to the toilet to sit down. He came in after me; he had his boxers on, but his dick was still rock solid. He chuckled and squatted in front of me.

Did I hurt you, he asked softly.

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t even look at his face.

Are you hurt, he asked again.

I shook my head and said no.

Look, you caused all this, he said. You made me do this. But I want you to know I’m not the sort of person to hurt someone else. Look at me now. He turned my face to meet his. He looked so calm and sweet. Nothing at all like the monster who had ravaged me moments earlier.

I’m sorry, okay? He said.

I didn’t respond.

Standing up, he pulled me up to him and hugged me. I’m not like this, honestly, he said. I want you to get to know me for real. Smile now, Haba! But you were the one making all the noise naw. He was trying his damnedest to console me.

And then, to my surprise, he kissed my forehead, took my face in his hands and kissed me fully on my lips. His kiss was so warm and gentle. And then, he led me back to the bedroom. He began telling me about how women run away from his dick, about how he had to resort to putting off the light before sex so they wouldn’t get to see what he was going to fuck them with. He went on to say that he really enjoyed sex with me and that indeed I was a strong guy.

I want to see you again, he said. Let’s start on a fresh page. Let me make this up to you.

I sat quietly in my corner, with my ass breathing fire.

He came closer to me and kissed me again on my lips, pinched and twiddled with my nipples, kissed my neck, chest and sucked on my nipples. This monster was making tender love to me and I hated my body for responding to his touch. He pressed me back on the bed and caressed my naked body.

Hmmm, so this is what gays enjoy, eh? He said with a smile. So you have succeeded in making me gay with your sweet ass. He laughed this time.

He was so handsome and gorgeous, but something inside me died and left me emotionless.

I’m still hard…I want to cum, he muttered.

Hearing that gave me a jolt. You are not putting that thing inside me, Osas, I objected.

Please, please, let me just cum, he cajoled. My dick won’t go down. I promise I won’t put everything inside. I will be gentle. Please trust me.

He resumed his caressing and deep kissing as he laid back on top of me. He spat on his hands and found my ass. Slowly he entered me, but as he promised, he didn’t put the entire length in. He was gentle and his thrusts had a sort of rhythm. He kissed me all through the ride and then he began to grunt and breathe heavily. His body started to tremble as he moaned, Oh no, oh no, no.

I felt hot wads of cum shoot deep inside my ass over and over. My bowel was full of his seed. He collapsed beside me and held me.

Wow, this is awesome, he gasped. Don’t you want to cum?

No, I’m fine.

I can fuck you all day, you know, he beamed. You have a smooth and soft ass and body.

I felt bitter bile rise in my throat at his words. My mum is in town and I need to go home, I lied then.

Please, promise you will come back before I go, he said, as though he knew what I was thinking.

I don’t know but I will try, I lied again.

I got up and dressed up, and at the door, he hugged me.

Let me love you, he said. Give me that chance.

I simply nodded. As he walked me outside to where I would get a taxi, he brought out a bundle of naira notes and said it was his peace offering. I didn’t say anything him as he stuck the wad into my trouser pocket. And soon, I was on my way home. Away from him.

I never called him. I didn’t go back to see him. For three months, I had no sexual desire. Even masturbation irritated me. Osas messed up my mind. I don’t know where he is or what has happened to him and his monster dick, but I will never forget that sex story that began at the pool.

Written by Brandon Rock

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    • My dear, that was my fear too o. But when he said his eyes were red, I started to think that it was gonna be drug induced. Trust me, a drug or drink induced fuck can be LENGTHY……..its like they wanna purge the intoxicants in their system on u.
      But he tried o. I won’t go again after session 1, half way in or not. I can’t. In fact ordinary finger no go fit enter. The sister is surely A POWER BOTTOM

  1. looooool !!! your stories have a way of making me reach for anything phallic shaped. They are the perfect blend of sex ( without coming across as too salacious) sadism, and subtle humour; which all come together to make an amazing read! You write so well, u should author a book or something.

    And for someone with a dry and uptight sense of humour, you had me laughing out loud alot. Bravo. I am such a fan!

  2. Well, Brandon, I feel you and relate so well with your story…what an amazing way to convey such So Sweet So Sour experience. You should have given him a benefit of doubt; I, for one, would give the ‘second’ Osas a chance of loving me…maybe it’s just me loving It BIG. *SMfH*

  3. Nice piece. Very well told. However the use of inverted commas around your dialogue will help better distinguish your narration from your dialogue. It comes off as confusing a times.
    You guys seem to be having some great adventures, makes some us feel like we’ve been living in the Stone Age!

  4. Lol, cool story Oscar Wilde. Someone with “massive” girth fucked you with just pears as lubrication without you even opening yourself up before and there wasn’t a tear. Some is either very loose(anal prolapse is a bitch, google it) or the only sex you’ve bene having is in your head and with your palm.

  5. I have always had this feeling Benin Guys are rough, sexy, and very active in bed…just hope Ese my Benin best friend will give me a chance one day to convert him 😀

  6. Hmmm.. realism to this story makes benin guys seem demi-godlike but take it from. A benin boy wanna be. They are as dirty and non-commital as they come. Dey don’t want ur ass. They want ur cash. Nice piece. Just as the first one, this one got me tripping.

    • Excuse me, I beg 2 differ. Not all benin guys re dirty. Been dirty has nothing to do wif tribe or race. And b4 I 4get they re not all golddiggers. Just bcuz u met a blck sheep doesn’t mean they all are. Every tribe has its own blacksheep. @andre_hayford

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