gay_love_400He was a strapping young lad, sixteen years old. He worked in our house, not very smart looking. Just a kid with freckles doing manual things. He wore linen shorts most of the time, and behaved like all sixteen year old house boys.

Then I began to notice that this tiny boy had a big penis. Height wise, he was probably five feet. Dick wise, he was Texas. No, all fifty-one states and then some.

He would be sitting around and he would have spontaneous erections. And to make it worse, he seemed totally oblivious. I was inflamed with lust and curiosity at the wonder of that massive bulge on such a tiny person . . . So, I watched for days . . . Until my opportunity came.

That day, we were home alone. My mother was out. Boy was nowhere to be found. I looked for him about the house. Then I saw him from the window playing with neighbours’ house girl. That was against the rules. No going to neighbours’ house! So I marched to front door. As soon as he heard the door open, Boy disappeared. I asked neighbours’ house girl if she’d seen him, and she said, Oga, I no know where e dey o. I never see am.

Of course I knew he had slipped back in, through the back door. Just like I had plans to . . . In another way. Ahem!

So I went back in. I marched up the stairs. I followed his trail. I knew where he was – the bathroom. Right where I needed him to be for my evil plan.

I threw open the bathroom door. And there he was, crouched in the corner over a bucket, pretending to take a bath.

I waved my masterly finger at him and said, You’ve been a bad boy, haven’t you?

He looked at me, tail between his legs . . . Or at least, what looked like a tail.

I ordered him up. No, no, leave your clothes, I said. Come with me. I’m going to punish you for what you did. In fact, I’m going to report you to mummy…

He was terrified and begged that my mother should not hear. I marched him to my bedroom. I walked behind him and admired his athletic bubble butt.

In the room, I interrogated him. I accused him of fucking the girl next door with his penis. The penis, whose impressiveness was proving to be quite distracting for me. But I focused on my drama. And he begged me. I ordered him to go kneel in a corner. He knelt with his hands raised and I watched him from the back, pleased at his shapely rump and the distortion in my shorts as I sat down.

After a few minutes, I ordered him to come stand next to me. I now spoke conspiratorially. I said I was his big brother. We were the only men in the house. We must trust each other. He said yes. I told him to talk to me about his sex life. He told me, the fantasies and all the whatnots they did at school. His adult-sized penis stirred and bobbed with every word.

I told him that to be safe, he needed a biology lesson. And since I knew better than him, I would teach him. So he could be safe and good with girls. He appeared interested.

I fished out my phone and showed him naked young girls with wet pussies and shiny nipples. His gaze was locked. His penis began to nod, just like I’d intended it to. I gave him my phone to look well-well. And I grabbed his tumescent penis in my hand and spoke softly to him. He looked shy, but deeply engrossed.

I told him to notice my bulge. Which one was bigger, his or mine? He said he didn’t know. I told him he was as big as I am. And he was ten years younger! And I am huge!

By now, his flagpole had gathered girth and pointed to the bed . . . To which I led him, while saying other salacious things to titillate him more. I told him he must teach his girlfriend to suck his dick. Like this . . . And I asked him to suck. He placed his tiny mouth around my fist-sized cap. He didn’t do a very good job. I said, no, no, and I showed him how, slobbering on his piston. He moaned.

I made him lie down and parted his thighs. I said, You must fuck girls. Girls love a good fuck. It makes you a strong man. This is how you do it. And I inserted the straining head of my foot-long phallus into his tiny pucker…

And it went in like it was designed to be there. I gasped in amazement. He was completely relaxed. And as I filled up his spaces and he wondered at this new feeling, I kept teaching and saying, So how does that feel? And he would say this or that.

I was beginning to enjoy it. I decided to thrust to the hilt. Then all of a sudden – Pim-pim! Car horn! Mum was back! I withdrew all my eleven inches slowly and reluctantly, leaving him to struggle into his linen shorts, and stagger out of the room, and rush downstairs to open the gates.

Written by Lanre Swagg, twitter handle: @lanreswagg

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19 thoughts on “12 BANGS A SLAVE

  1. Nothing but lustful fantasies! Its plain ridiculous. How can u jst slide an 11 inch into a firstimer and expect it will go in smoothly. Mtschew!

    I jst hope they don’t end up turning this blog into a porn site. My thought is that we shld be advocating to show the world that being gay is not just only about sex sex sex.

    This story has no lesson, no background and could easily have been copied from any porn site!
    So mr moderator, perhaps it would be nice to admit only realistic and less pornographic stories. Sex is good, but not stupid meaningless utterly useless sex (rape)!

    • Kendigin, biko rest … we have to let our long silky hair down sometimes! Yes, the blog should be serious and informative but some humor and fantasy doesnt hurt abeg. Its all about balance … nice story, raunchy and exciting, I have my doubts about a virgin taking dick so easily on his 1st attempt sha. And … last time I checked, blacks dont usually have freckles, those are a largely caucasian thing. Finally, I suggest every now and then, we pick a serious topic that affects our lives and discuss/brainstorm and share experiences on how to deal with the said issue.
      Cheers & remain fabulous!

      • Like seriously?? I don’t get u. U say make I rest in ur 1st paragraph, then u go on to say exactly what I said in the next! #splitpersonalitytins

        @pinkpanther u don’t have to publish every single thing u get. That’s y ur the moderator, so: moderate. The style of this blog is one that touches very serious and personal issues. Not a sex-blog. There’s more than enough of those out there.
        But apart from even touching serious issues. The blog also shows that gays are not just abt sex, and fucking, and rape etc. Its a blog u shld be able to refer even a str8 or “struggling” brother to.

        …Just saying my piece sha …

      • Point noted. Now can we all kiss and make up and go on to read today’s post? 🙂

        Which is not a sex post, by the way. *askance look at Kendigin*

  2. I’m sorry… A sixteen year old and a twenty six year old???? This is what the straight community is worried about… we turning their sons to flaming homos. Lol.
    I know it’s fiction but show some restraint… big dick or not.. that person he fucked was a minor.
    It’s a nice story. I love erotica… I’m sure all of you won’t even mind if this site turned into a porn site. I know I wouldn’t. Would have preferred it more if the kid was an adult.
    Still a good job @lanreswagg. Hope to see more 😉

  3. Well…all I can say is that this short story just gave me a hard-on….who needs the moral? Loll…..now am gonna start looking at the 16yr old houseboy in my house more attentively…hehe.

  4. no condoms used. sex with a 16year old..which last I checked is illegal. no mention of lubrication. ..which leaves me wandering how one’s penis would fit into a non self lubricating and non self expanding body orifice without causing excruciating and blinding pain..

    if one must write abt gay sex. .do so honestly pls. And never been a fan of reading abt underaged sex.

    and maybe I just might send in an article too, so I’m not all talk.

  5. As far as fiction goes, its still sounds far fatched. As stupid as u make the boyee sound, I’m sure he’d have run out screaming faster than Joseph fleeing Potiphar’s wife. Oh, I like the story’s title. It just didn’t add up with the story line sha

  6. OK! Not a huge fan of underage sex…but i appreciate the story. Nevertheless, the judges that comment on this blog have become a bit too many… Tone it down a bit please

  7. I wasn’t at all turned on by this. All through reading this, all I thought was this is deeply disturbing and creepy even for fiction.

  8. Ooooh….gave me a hard on right on!!! I even had my share of d house boi experience with our old calabar house boi who had a bubble butt that looooved to please this xxxxxl phallus like mine!!! Missed him when he left!

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